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Directed by
Produced by Allison Lyon Segan Ian Bryce Mark Gordon Gary Levinsohn
Written by Graham Yost
Starring , , , , , , ,
Music by Christopher Young
Cinematography Peter Menzies Jr.
Edited by Amnon David Paul Hirsch Gillian L. Hutshing
UGC-PH Tele München BBC Nordisk Film Marubeni Toho PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Mutual Film Company
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
(North America)
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Universal Pictures
(current International distribution)
Release date January 16, 1998 (United States) April 3, 1998 (United Kingdom) April 6, 1998 (Germany) May 29, 1998 (Denmark) September 5, 1998 (Japan)
Running time 96 minutes
Countries United States Denmark United Kingdom Germany Japan
Language English
Budget $70 million
Box office $19.9 million (US)

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