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The story of “Piravi” revolves around the impact of Chandran's disappearance on his family, particularly his father, who embarks on a desperate search for his son. The film is a powerful commentary on the injustices of the state and the human toll of political repression.

“Piravi” was a commercial failure upon its initial release, but it was widely acclaimed by critics and won several awards. It won the Camera d'Or award at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival, making it the first Indian film to win the prestigious award. It also won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam, and won the Best Director award at the 1989 Kerala State Film Awards.

“Piravi”‘s success lies in its realistic portrayal of the impact of political repression on ordinary people, and its nuanced exploration of the complex dynamics between family members. The film's visual style, which is marked by long takes and minimal dialogue, also adds to its emotional impact.

Despite its initial commercial failure, “Piravi” has gone on to become a cult classic and is considered one of the greatest Indian films of all time. Its themes and message continue to resonate with audiences today, and the film is a testament to the enduring power of cinema to tell stories that matter.

Directed by
Produced by S. Jayachandran Nair
Written by S. Jayachandran Nair
Reghunath Paleri

Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy
C. V. Sreeraman
K. Gopalakrishnan
Music by G. Aravindan
Mohan Sithra
Cinematography Sunny Joseph
Edited by Venugopal
Release date January 1989
Running time 110 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

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