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Wrong Turn is a horror movie franchise that began in 2003 with the release of the first film. The series follows a group of people who venture into the woods, only to encounter a group of mutated and cannibalistic mountain people who will stop at nothing to protect their land.


The Wrong Turn franchise has received mixed reviews over the years. The first film was generally well-received, with critics praising its suspenseful atmosphere and effective scares. However, the sequels that followed were met with increasingly negative reviews, with critics criticizing the series for its lack of originality and reliance on cheap scares.


The Wrong Turn franchise has not received any major awards, but it has been nominated for several minor awards, including the Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Make-Up/Creature FX for the first film.


Despite the mixed critical reception, the Wrong Turn franchise has remained popular among horror fans. The first film was a box office success, and the series has since spawned several sequels and a reboot in 2021. The franchise has also gained a dedicated following among horror fans who appreciate its gruesome kills and creepy atmosphere. However, some fans feel that the series has become formulaic and repetitive, with each installment following the same basic plot and predictable scares.

Directed by Rob Schmidt (1)
Joe Lynch (2)
Declan O’Brien (35)
Valeri Milev (6)
Mike P. Nelson (7)
Produced by Stan Winston (1)
Brian Gilbert (1)
Erik Feig (16)
Robert Kulzer (17)
Jeff Freilich (2)
Jeffrey Beach (3, 5, 6)
Phillip Roth (3, 56)
Kim Todd (4)
James Harris (7)
Written by Alan B. McElroy (1, 7)
Turi Meyer (2)
Al Septien (2)
Connor James Delaney (3)
Declan O’Brien (45)
Frank H. Woodward (6)
Music by Elia Cmiral (1)
Bear McCreary (2)
Claude Foisy (36)
Stephen Lukach (7)
Cinematography John S. Bartley (1)
Robin Loewen (2)
Lorenzo Senatore (3)
Michael Marshall (4)
Emil Topuzov (5)
Martin Chichov (6)
Nick Junkersfeld (7)
Edited by Michael Ross (1)
Ed Marx (2)
Raúl Dávalos (3)
Stein Myhrstad (45)
Ludmil Kazakov (5)
Don Adams (6)
Cameron Hallenbeck (6)
Tom Elkins (7)
Constantin Film (17)
Summit Entertainment (16)
Regency Enterprises (1, 6)
Distributed by 20th Century Fox (1)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (26)
Saban Films (7)
Release date 2003–present
Running time 545 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office Total (3 films):

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