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Angmareul boatda, also known as I Saw the Devil, is a South Korean thriller movie released in 2010, directed by , and starring and . The movie follows the story of a National Intelligence Service agent named Kim Soo-hyun (), who seeks revenge on the brutal serial killer, Kyung-chul (), after he murdered Kim's fiancée. Kim embarks on a twisted and violent journey to find and punish the killer, but soon realizes that he has become just as ruthless as the person he's hunting down.


I Saw the Devil received critical acclaim for its raw and uncompromising portrayal of violence and revenge. The movie was praised for its stunning cinematography, intense performances, and expert direction. The film's brutal and shocking violence is not for the faint of heart, but it's used to serve a greater purpose, highlighting the destructive nature of revenge and the toll it takes on the human psyche. The performances of and were widely praised, with many critics noting their ability to convey complex emotions and motivations.


I Saw the Devil was nominated for several awards, including the Best Director and Best Actor categories at the 48th Grand Bell Awards, but it didn't win any of them.


I Saw the Devil was a critical and commercial success in South Korea, grossing over $15 million at the box office. The movie has gained a cult following worldwide, with many praising its expert direction, gripping storyline, and intense performances. However, the film's graphic violence has also generated controversy and criticism from some viewers. Overall, I Saw the Devil remains a highly regarded and influential film in the thriller genre.

Directed by
Produced by Kim Hyun-woo
Written by Park Hoon-jung
Starring ,
Music by Mowg
Cinematography Lee Mo-gae
Edited by Nam Na-yeong
Peppermint & Company
Distributed by Softbank Ventures Korea
Showbox/Mediaplex (South Korea)
Magnet Releasing (US & Canada)
Release date 12 August 2010 (South Korea) 21 January 2011 (Sundance) 4 March 2011 (US & Canada)
Running time 141 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Budget US$6 million
Box office US$12.8 million

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