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“Cargo” is a post-apocalyptic Australian movie released in 2017. The film is based on a short film of the same name by and .

The movie follows the story of a family consisting of Andy, his wife Kay, and their infant daughter Rosie, who are living in rural Australia amidst a zombie epidemic. They are forced to flee their home in search of safety, but when Kay gets bitten by a zombie, they are left with limited time to find a safe haven for their daughter before Kay turns into a zombie herself.

As they navigate through the treacherous Australian outback, they encounter various challenges and obstacles, including other survivors who may not have their best interests at heart. Along the way, Andy develops a bond with a young Aboriginal girl, Thoomi, who is also trying to survive in this dangerous world.

” Cargo” is a poignant and emotional tale of love, loss, and survival in a world that is falling apart. It offers a fresh take on the zombie genre by exploring the human aspect of a post-apocalyptic world. The film has been praised for its strong performances, particularly from who plays the role of Andy. It also received critical acclaim for its exploration of Australian Aboriginal culture and the treatment of Indigenous people in modern-day Australia.

Overall, “Cargo” is a gripping and thought-provoking film that offers a unique perspective on the zombie genre. It has been nominated for several awards, including the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Directed by , ,
Produced by Russell Ackerman Kristina Ceyton Samantha Jennings Mark Patterson
Screenplay by
Based on Cargo
Starring , , , , , , ,
Cinematography Geoffrey Simpson
Edited by Dany Cooper Sean Lahiff
Umbrella Entertainment Addictive Pictures Causeway Films Head Gear Films
Distributed by Netflix
Release date 6 October 2017 (ADLFF) 18 May 2018 (Worldwide)
Running time 105 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

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