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“Criminal” is a 2016 American-British action thriller film directed by and starring an ensemble cast that includes , , , and . The film follows a death-row inmate who is implanted with the memories of a deceased CIA agent in order to complete a mission.


Jericho Stewart () is a dangerous criminal who has spent his entire life behind bars. When a CIA agent named Bill Pope () is killed while trying to retrieve a valuable piece of information, the agency decides to implant Pope's memories into Stewart's brain in the hope that he can complete the mission. However, Stewart is unpredictable and unstable, and the operation doesn't go as planned.

As Stewart navigates the dangerous world of espionage and assassination, he begins to experience Pope's memories and emotions, including his love for his wife Jill (). With the clock ticking and the CIA hot on his trail, Stewart must use all of his skills to stay alive and complete the mission.


While “Criminal” was not a critical or commercial success, it did receive a nomination for Best Original Score at the 17th World Soundtrack Awards in 2017. The film's score was composed by Brian Tyler and Keith Power.

Despite mixed reviews, “Criminal” has gained a small following of fans who appreciate its intense action sequences and the performances of its star-studded cast.

Directed by
Produced by J. C. Spink Jake Weiner Mark Gill Matt O'Toole Christa Campbell
Written by Douglas Cook David Weisberg
Starring , , , , , , , , , , ,
Music by Brian Tyler Keith Power
Cinematography Dana Gonzales
Edited by Danny Rafic
Millennium Films BenderSpink Campbell-Grobman Films
Distributed by Summit Entertainment (through Lionsgate)
Release date April 5, 2016 (Tel Aviv) April 15, 2016 (United States)
Running time 113 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $31.5 million
Box office $38.8 million


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