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“Koko-di Koko-da” is a horror film that tells the story of a couple, Elin and Tobias, who are struggling to deal with the tragic loss of their daughter. While on a camping trip, they are suddenly attacked by a group of strange individuals who seem to be reliving the same day over and over again.

As they try to escape the nightmarish cycle of violence and death, Elin and Tobias are forced to confront the darkness within themselves and the reality of their own grief.


“Koko-di Koko-da” is a haunting and visually stunning film that explores themes of loss, trauma, and the cyclical nature of human suffering. Director creates a surreal and dreamlike world that draws the viewer in and never lets go.

The film's cinematography and sound design are both exceptional, creating an eerie and unsettling atmosphere that permeates every scene. The performances from the lead actors, and , are also outstanding, capturing the raw emotion and psychological turmoil of their characters.

While the film's nonlinear structure and ambiguous ending may be frustrating for some viewers, it ultimately serves to reinforce the film's themes of grief and the cyclical nature of human suffering. “Koko-di Koko-da” is a bold and ambitious film that pushes the boundaries of the horror genre, and is sure to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.


“Koko-di Koko-da” has been well-received by critics and has received several awards and nominations, including:

Best Director at the Sitges Film Festival

Best Film at the Rotterdam International Film Festival

Best Screenplay at the Nashville Film Festival

Best Cinematography at the Chicago Critics Film Festival.

Directed by
Produced by
Written by
Starring ,
Music by Olof Cornéer
Simon Ohlsson
Cinematography Tobias Höiem-Flyckt
Johan Lundborg
Edited by
Film i Väst
Distributed by Smorgasbord Picture House
Dark Star Pictures
Release date 25 January 2019 (Sundance)
Running time 89 minutes
Countries Sweden
Languages Swedish

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