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Les Révoltés de l’île du Diable (King of Devil’s Island2010)


“Les Révoltés de l'île du Diable” or “King of Devil's Island” is a Norwegian-French film directed by . It was released in 2010 and is based on true events that took place on Bastøy Prison Island in Norway in 1915.

Synopsis: The film follows the story of Erling, a new inmate at the Bastøy Prison for boys. The island is run by the governor, Bestyreren, and his staff, who use brutal methods to discipline the boys. Erling befriends Olav, one of the boys who has been at the prison for a long time, and they soon discover the horrific conditions in which they are living. They decide to rebel against the staff and governor, which leads to a violent confrontation.

Awards: “Les Révoltés de l'île du Diable” has won several awards and nominations, including:

  • Best Director – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011) for
  • Best Film – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011)
  • Best Supporting Actor – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011) for
  • Best Screenplay – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011) for Mette M. Bølstad and Lars Saabye Christensen
  • Best Cinematography – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011) for John Andreas Andersen
  • Best Editing – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011) for Arild Tryggestad
  • Best Sound Design – Amanda Awards, Norway (2011) for Tormod Ringnes and Christian Schaanning
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Bodil Awards, Denmark (2012)
  • Best Director – Gijón International Film Festival (2010) for
Directed by ,
Written by Dennis Magnusson
Produced by Karin Julsrud
Starring , , ,
Cinematography John Andreas Andersen
Edited by Michal Leszczylowski
Music by Johan Söderqvist
Release dates 17 December 2010 (Norway) 23 November 2011 (France)
Running time 115 min.
Country France Norway
Languages Norwegian, Swedish
Budget 54 million kr ($6.4 million)

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