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The Club (2015)


Feb 27, 2021

“The Club” (El Club in Spanish) is a 2015 Chilean drama film directed by Pablo Larraín. The story revolves around four Catholic priests who live together in a secluded house in a small coastal town. They have been exiled from their parishes after being accused of various crimes, including child abuse.

The arrival of a new member to the group, a young man named Sandokan, leads to tensions rising between the priests, and their past misdeeds start to catch up with them. The group's equilibrium is further upset when a victim of one of the priests arrives at the house seeking revenge.

The film explores themes of redemption, guilt, and the consequences of one's actions. It is a bleak and confronting portrayal of the Catholic Church's abuse scandals, and the film's ambiguous ending leaves many questions unanswered.

“The Club” received critical acclaim and won several awards, including the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize at the 2015 Berlin International Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Chilean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.

Directed by Pablo Larraín
Produced by Juan de Dios Larraín Pablo Larraín
Written by Guillermo Calderón Pablo Larraín Daniel Villalobos
Starring , Antonia Zegers,
Music by Carlos Cabezas
Cinematography Sergio Armstrong
Edited by Sebastián Sepúlveda
Release date 9 February 2015 (Berlin) 28 May 2015 (Chile)
Running time 97 minutes
Country Chile
Language Spanish
Box office $483,222

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