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The Other Side of the Door is a 2016 horror film directed by . The story follows Maria (played by ), a grieving mother who seeks a way to communicate with her deceased son. She learns of an ancient ritual that involves opening a door between the living and the dead, but she must follow a strict set of rules. When she disobeys these rules, she unleashes a sinister force that threatens her entire family.


The Other Side of the Door received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised the film's effective use of suspense and jump scares, others criticized its predictable plot and lack of originality. However, many viewers found the movie to be an enjoyable and frightening experience.


The Other Side of the Door did not receive any major awards, but it was nominated for the Fright Meter Award for Best Supporting Actress (for Sujata Sehgal's performance).


The Other Side of the Door was moderately successful at the box office, grossing over $14 million worldwide against a budget of $5 million. The film also gained a following among horror fans, who appreciate its atmospheric setting and chilling moments.

Directed by
Produced by Rory Aitken Ben Pugh
Written by Ernest Riera
Starring , ,
Music by Joseph Bishara
Cinematography Maxime Alexandre
Edited by Baxter
42 Fire Axe Pictures
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date March 4, 2016
Running time 95 minutes
Countries United Kingdom India United States
Language English
Budget $5 million
Box office $14.3 million

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