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“AKA” is a 2023 French action crime film directed by . The movie stars , who also co-wrote the script with Dalibert. “AKA” is a high-octane thriller that dives deep into the dangerous world of undercover operations, crime syndicates, and moral ambiguity.


The film centers around Adam Franco (), a highly skilled and ruthless operative who is tasked with infiltrating a notorious crime syndicate. Franco, known for his relentless efficiency and cold demeanor, goes undercover to dismantle the organization from within. The crime syndicate, led by Victor Pastore (), is involved in various illegal activities, including drug trafficking, arms dealing, and human trafficking.

As Franco integrates himself into the gang, he befriends Pastore's young son, creating an unexpected bond that complicates his mission. Franco's undercover identity begins to blur with his real one as he struggles with his conscience, questioning his loyalty and the morality of his actions.

The narrative unfolds with intense action sequences, dramatic confrontations, and a gripping exploration of Franco's internal conflict. As Franco gets deeper into the organization, he discovers layers of corruption and betrayal that challenge his mission and personal ethics. The climax builds up to a high-stakes showdown where Franco must decide between his duty and his newfound connections.


“AKA” has been praised for its intense action sequences, well-crafted narrative, and strong performances. 's portrayal of Adam Franco stands out, showcasing a complex character torn between duty and morality. The film's gritty depiction of the criminal underworld and its exploration of themes like loyalty, betrayal, and redemption resonate with audiences.

The direction by has been noted for its tight pacing and ability to maintain tension throughout the film. The cinematography captures the raw, grim atmosphere of the criminal underworld, enhancing the film's overall impact. Critics have highlighted the film's ability to balance action with character development, making it more than just a typical crime thriller.


As of now, “AKA” has not received major international awards, but it has been recognized in French film circles for its contribution to the action crime genre. The performances, particularly that of , have garnered acclaim, and the film's direction and screenplay have been praised for their effectiveness.


“AKA” has gained popularity for its gripping storyline and compelling action sequences. It has resonated with fans of the action and crime genres, both in France and internationally. The film's release on streaming platforms has broadened its reach, attracting a diverse audience appreciative of its intense, character-driven narrative.

The movie's success has solidified 's reputation as a versatile actor capable of handling complex, action-oriented roles. “AKA” continues to be a topic of discussion among action film enthusiasts and has cemented its place as a notable entry in contemporary French cinema.

Directed by
Written by
Cinematography Florent Astolfi
Edited by Tianès Montasser
Music by Etienne Forget
Distributed by Netflix
Release date
  • April 28, 2023
Running time
122 minutes
Country France
Language French


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