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“Backcountry” is a 2014 Canadian survival horror film written and directed by . The film stars and as a couple who go camping in a remote wilderness area, only to find themselves in a life-or-death struggle with a ferocious black bear.

The film follows the couple as they navigate their way through the dense forest, facing increasingly dangerous obstacles and encountering the bear along the way. As they struggle to survive, tensions rise between them and they must confront their own vulnerabilities and the strength of their relationship.

“Backcountry” received positive reviews for its tense atmosphere, strong performances, and realistic portrayal of wilderness survival. The film won several awards, including:

  • Best Canadian First Feature Film at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival
  • Best Picture at the 2015 Calgary Underground Film Festival
  • Best Director at the 2015 Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival
  • Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards
  • Best Director at the 2015 Canadian Cinema Editors Awards

Overall, “Backcountry” is a gripping and intense survival thriller that showcases the beauty and danger of the Canadian wilderness.

Directed by
Produced by Thomas Michael
Written by
Starring ,
Music by Frères Lumières
Cinematography Christian Bielz
Edited by Dev Singh
Distributed by IFC Midnight
Release date September 8, 2014 (TIFF) March 20, 2015 (United States) August 14, 2015 (Canada)
Running time 92 minutes
Country Canada
Language English
Box office $71,874

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