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“Bird Box” is a 2018 post-apocalyptic thriller directed by , based on the novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The film stars as Malorie, a mother trying to protect her children from unseen supernatural entities that cause people who look at them to commit suicide.


The story alternates between two timelines:

Present Timeline: Malorie and her two children, Boy and Girl, navigate a dangerous river blindfolded, following instructions via radio to reach a safe haven. They must remain blindfolded to avoid seeing the mysterious entities that have decimated the population.

Past Timeline: Five years earlier, the world descends into chaos as people start committing suicide en masse after encountering invisible entities. Malorie, pregnant at the time, finds refuge in a house with a group of survivors. The group struggles to stay safe and avoid looking at the entities, using covered windows and blindfolds. Tensions rise as food supplies dwindle, and internal conflicts occur.

The survivors face various challenges, including the arrival of a stranger, Gary, who turns out to be one of the infected individuals who can see the entities without dying but become violently deranged. Gary's actions lead to the deaths of most of the house members. Malorie manages to escape with two newborn babies, her own and another woman's, and finds temporary safety.

Conclusion: In the present, after a harrowing journey down the river, Malorie and the children reach the sanctuary, which turns out to be a school for the blind. They are welcomed into the community, finally finding a place of safety where they can live without the constant threat of the entities.


“Bird Box” received mixed to positive reviews from critics. 's performance was widely praised for its intensity and emotional depth. The film's tension, atmosphere, and innovative take on the horror genre also garnered positive feedback. However, some critics felt the film lacked originality and suffered from pacing issues.

The film's exploration of themes like motherhood, survival, and human resilience in the face of unseen terror struck a chord with many viewers. The non-linear storytelling added depth to Malorie's character development, showing her transformation from a reluctant mother to a fierce protector.


“Bird Box” did not receive major award nominations but was recognized for its impact on popular culture:

  • MTV Movie & TV Awards (2019): Nominated for Most Frightened Performance ().
  • Saturn Awards (2019): Nominated for Best Streaming Horror & Thriller Movie.


“Bird Box” became a cultural phenomenon upon its release on Netflix. It was one of the most-watched films on the platform, with Netflix reporting over 45 million account views in the first week. The film's release sparked a viral trend known as the “Bird Box Challenge,” where people attempted to perform everyday tasks blindfolded, mirroring the characters in the movie. This trend raised safety concerns and prompted Netflix to issue warnings against participating in the challenge.

The film's success solidified Netflix's reputation as a platform capable of producing high-quality, original content that can captivate a global audience. “Bird Box” remains a popular and frequently discussed film within the horror-thriller genre.


Directed by
Screenplay by Eric Heisserer
Based on Bird Box
by Josh Malerman
Produced by
  • Dylan Clark
  • Chris Morgan
  • Clayton Townsend
Cinematography Salvatore Totino
Edited by Ben Lester
Music by
  • Trent Reznor
  • Atticus Ross
  • Bluegrass Films
  • Chris Morgan Productions
Distributed by Netflix
Release dates
  • November 12, 2018 (AFI Fest)
  • December 14, 2018 (United States)
Running time
124 minutes
Country United States
Language English


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