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“Colony” is a 2013 American science-fiction film directed by and written by Renfroe, Patrick Tarr, and Pascal Trottier. The movie stars , , and . The film has a runtime of 94 minutes and is rated R for language.


“Colony” is set in a future world where Earth has been plunged into an ice age and the surviving population is forced to live underground in sealed colonies. The movie follows the story of Sam () and Briggs (), who are part of a group sent on a mission to find another colony that has gone missing. However, when they arrive, they discover a horrifying secret that threatens the survival of all the colonies.


“Colony” is a solid science-fiction thriller that takes advantage of its claustrophobic setting to build tension and suspense. The movie's premise of a post-apocalyptic world and the struggle for survival is not new, but the filmmakers add a twist to the formula that keeps the audience engaged. The film's pacing is steady, and the characters are well-developed, with standout performances by and . However, the movie's ending feels rushed and unsatisfying, leaving many questions unanswered. Overall, “Colony” is an enjoyable and well-made film that offers a fresh take on a familiar genre.

“Colony” did not receive any major award nominations.

Directed by
Produced by Paul Barkin
Matthew Cervi
Pierre Even
Marie-Claude Poulin
Written by
Svet Rouskov
Patrick Tarr
Pascal Trottier
Starring ,
Music by Jeff Danna
RLJ Entertainment
Distributed by Entertainment One
Image Entertainment
Release date 26 April 2013
Running time 93 minutes
Country Canada
Language English
Budget $16 million (CA$)

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