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Casting Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022) is a British sex comedydrama directed by and penned by Katy Brand. and take the lead roles in this unique tale, where a woman embarks on a quest to rediscover the joys of intimate encounters with the assistance of a young sex worker.

The film celebrated its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2022. Subsequently, it had its theatrical debut in the United Kingdom on June 17, 2022, courtesy of Lionsgate. For audiences in the United States, it became available digitally through Searchlight Pictures as a Hulu original film. Critics lauded the film, particularly the standout performances, with 's role earning her nominations for both a BAFTA Award and a Golden Globe Award.


In a hotel room, Nancy Stokes welcomes a male sex worker named Leo Grande. An anxious Nancy explains that she has never had an orgasm, and she has vowed never again to fake one after the death of her husband two years earlier. She is insecure about her body and age, and embarrassed at having hired Leo, who tries to put her at ease.

Leo expresses no shame about coitus work, but he reveals that his mama believes him to be an oil painting carriage worker. Nancy shares that she's dissatisfied in her adult children, adding that she's a sheltered religious education schoolteacher. Her hubby was her only sexual mate and set up oral coitus slighting, and they noway swerved from unfulfilling missionary coitus thirty- times together.

Nancy recounts her most voluptuous experience as a teenager on a family vacation in Greece, a hostel worker took an interest in her; alone in the theater, he began kissing and fingering her before being intruded, and she left the following day. Seeing Nancy aroused and relaxed by her own story, Leo kisses and fritters her.

A week later, Nancy meets Leo in the same hostel room for an alternate session. Though still not having achieved an orgasm, she has prepared a pail list of sexual conditioning to witness for the first time, beginning with fellatio. She remains anxious, worsened by phone calls from her son, but Leo relaxes her through dancing and a massage. stewing that she offered her youth and implicit adventures for her family, she's overwhelmed after touching a shirtless Leo, who encourages her to embrace her own body.

Leo reveals he has a youngish family in the service, from whom he's disgruntled, and suggests Nancy book more sessions, but she accuses him of trying to make further plutocrat. He tells her about his other guests, explaining that he obtains genuine pleasure from seeing their pleasure. Nancy sees Leo getting aroused as he describes his work, which in turn arouses her, and she eventually performs fellatio on him.

Nancy books Leo for a third session in the same room. He performs oral coitus on her, the alternate item on her list, which she enjoys but doesn't bring her to orgasm. She admits to cyberstalking and uncovering Leo's real name, Connor. Upset, Leo tells her not to bespeak him again, hanging to expose her as a customer. She asks if they can be musketeers and encourages him to tell his family about his work, indeed offering to speak to his mama. Leo reveals that his mama tells people he's dead and storms out. Returning to recoup his phone, he angrily admits that his mama disowned him when he was fifteen and leaves.

Nancy books Leo for a fourth session, arranging to meet in the hostel‘s cafe where their waitress, Becky, turns out to be her former pupil. Nancy thanks Leo for her newfound confidence and sexual awakening and has discreetly recommended him to several musketeers. She admits her real name is Susan Robinson, and that Leo is the only true adventure she has ever had. Becky interrupts with a story about Susan smirching her and her musketeers for their short skirts, calling them” sluts”.

Leo has revealed his job to his family, reconnecting with him, and explains that his mama disowned him after catching him and several musketeers having group coitus; she no longer acknowledges his actuality, indeed walking past him in the road. Susan apologizes to Becky for her once hypercritical gesture, confessing her real relationship to Leo and recommending his services.

Susan and Leo enjoy a final session in their room, passionately engaging in all the remaining acts on Susan's list, but she's still yet to orgasm. While Leo looks for a coitus toy, Susan watches him walk around naked and masturbate, giving herself her first orgasm. She thanks Leo, telling him this will be their final session, as she doesn't need him presently. Alone, Susan appreciates her own naked body.

Directed by
Written by Katy Brand
Produced by
  • Debbie Gray
  • Adrian Politowski
Cinematography Bryan Mason
Edited by Bryan Mason
Music by Stephen Rennicks
  • Align
  • Genesius Pictures
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release dates
  • 22 January 2022 (Sundance)
  • 17 June 2022
Running time
97 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $4 million
Box office $9.8 million


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