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“The Animal Kingdom” (2023) is a French science fantasy adventure drama film directed by . The film presents a unique blend of human and animal characteristics in its characters, creating a compelling exploration of identity, transformation, and the complexities of life. Set in a world where some humans begin to develop animal traits, the story follows a father and his son as they navigate this strange and evolving reality.


The film centers on François (played by ) and his teenage son, Émile (played by ), who live in a quiet town. Their lives take a dramatic turn when people around them, including Émile's mother, start undergoing mysterious transformations, developing animal characteristics. These changes vary from minor traits to complete transformations into animal-like beings.

As the community grapples with these bizarre occurrences, François and Émile must adapt to the new reality. François is determined to protect his son and find a way to reverse or cope with the changes affecting their loved ones. Émile, on the other hand, struggles with his own emerging animal traits, facing bullying and isolation at school while trying to maintain his humanity.

The film delves into themes of acceptance, the essence of humanity, and the father-son relationship. François's quest to understand and possibly cure the transformations leads him to uncover deeper truths about identity and the nature of change. Along the way, the characters encounter others who have embraced their animal traits, challenging their perceptions and forcing them to reconsider their views on normalcy and acceptance.


“The Animal Kingdom” (2023) has received positive reviews from critics, who have praised its innovative storyline, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes. and deliver compelling performances, bringing depth and authenticity to their roles as a father and son navigating a bewildering new world.

Critics have lauded 's direction for its ability to seamlessly blend fantasy with emotional drama, creating a film that is both visually captivating and intellectually stimulating. The screenplay, co-written by Cailley and Pauline Munier, is noted for its nuanced exploration of identity and transformation, offering a fresh perspective on the human condition.

The film's visual effects and makeup have been highlighted for their effectiveness in portraying the animal transformations in a believable and engaging manner. The cinematography, coupled with a haunting musical score, enhances the film's atmospheric and immersive quality.

However, some critics have mentioned that the film's pacing can be slow at times, and its abstract themes may not resonate with all viewers. Despite these minor criticisms, “The Animal Kingdom” stands out as a unique and compelling entry in the fantasy drama genre.


As of now, “The Animal Kingdom” (2023) has garnered attention at various film festivals and is expected to be a strong contender in the upcoming award season. Its innovative approach and strong performances make it a notable candidate for awards in categories such as Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Screenplay.


“The Animal Kingdom” has generated significant interest among audiences and critics alike, particularly for its unique premise and emotional depth. The film's intriguing blend of fantasy and drama, along with its exploration of relevant social themes, has attracted a diverse audience.

The film's release has been met with enthusiasm, and it has performed well at the box office, particularly in markets that appreciate thought-provoking and visually innovative cinema. “The Animal Kingdom” is expected to continue gaining popularity as more viewers discover its unique and compelling story.


French Le Règne animal
Directed by
Written by
Produced by Pierre Guyard
Cinematography David Cailley
Edited by Lilian Corbeille
Music by Andrea Laszlo De Simone
Distributed by StudioCanal
Release dates
  • 17 May 2023 (Cannes)
  • 4 October 2023 (France)
Running time
130 minutes
  • France
  • Belgium
Language French


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