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Half Ticket, a Marathi language film released in 2016, was directed by and produced by Nanu Jaisinghani, Suresh Jaisinghani, and Mohit Jaisinghani. The movie revolves around two brothers living in the slums who aspire to achieve what seems unattainable. It is an official remake of the award-winning Tamil film, Kaaka Muttai, produced by Dhanush & Vetrimaaran. The film was released on July 22, 2016, and was selected for the Indiwood Panorama Competition at the 2nd edition of the Indiwood Carnival 2016 in Hyderabad. At the 57th Zlin International Film Festival held in the Czech Republic, Half Ticket received the Ecumenical Jury Award.


The Times of India's Mihir Bhanage gave Half Ticket a rating of 3 out of 5, stating that the film subtly addresses societal issues such as economic inequality and opportunism, but is occasionally dragged out. Despite this, he recommends the movie as a worthwhile watch. Justin Lowe of The Hollywood Reporter praised the performances of child actors and , noting their ability to convey mischief and carrying the film well, despite some lack of credibility in dramatic scenes. The Prague Reporter's Jason Pirodsky gave the film a rating of 3 out of 5, commending it as an enjoyable and heart-warming story, but criticizing the excessive sentimentality in the finale. Willamette Week's Jay Horton gave the film a rating of 3 out of 5, applauding Sanjay Memane's camera work for its kinetic vibrancy and stating that the film's energy is both stirring and infectious. Marathi Cineyug's Ajay Kulye gave the film a rating of 4 out of 5, praising the acting performances, music, and camerawork and ultimately describing Half Ticket as a gem of a film. Pune Mirror's Ganesh Matkari gave the movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5, stating that it is akin to a fable, with a positive ending that provides ample food for thought. Matkari believes that the film's rich content gives it repeat-viewing value, revealing more with each subsequent watch.
Directed by ,
Produced by Nanu Jaisinghani
Suresh Jaisinghani
Mohit Jaisinghani
Screenplay by Dnyanesh Zoting
Story by M.
Based on Kaaka Muttai
by M.
Starring ,
Music by Original Songs
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Original Score
Troy Arif
Cinematography Sanjay Memane
Edited by Faisal Mahadik
Imran Mahadik
Video Palace
Distributed by Fox Star Studios
Release date July 22, 2016
Running time 112 minutes
Country India
Language Marathi

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