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“Kolamba Sanniya” or “Colombo Mania” is a Sinhalese language comedy film from 1976, directed by . The movie offers a glimpse into the lives of middle and upper-class people living in both rural and urban areas of Sri Lanka. Starring , , and Denewake Hamine, the film promises a humorous and entertaining watch.

Kolamba Sanniya: Andare, played by , is a simple villager who discovers a valuable gem while performing his morning ablutions behind a bush (since there are no toilets in the village). With the proceeds from selling the gem, he buys a house in Colombo. However, adjusting to life in the upscale neighborhood of Colombo 7, also known as Cinnamon Gardens, is a challenge for Andare's entire family, including his elder sister (), brother Jakolis (), son (Freddie Silva), and daughter (). As they soon discover, adapting to the new lifestyle is far from easy.

Directed by
Produced by Tyronne Fernando
Written by Premnath Moraes
Starring ,
Music by Sunil Shantha
Clarence Wijewardena
Cinematography Donald Karunaratna
Edited by Gladwin Fernando
Release date 7 May 1976
Country Sri Lanka
Language Sinhala

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