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“Metro” (Russian: Метро) is a Russian action thriller disaster film set in Moscow's subway system. The story follows a group of people who become trapped underground when a devastating fire breaks out in the metro tunnels. As they struggle to survive against the elements, toxic gases, and each other, tensions rise and their true nature is revealed. The film explores themes of survival, heroism, sacrifice, and the human capacity for both cruelty and compassion in the face of extreme circumstances.


“Metro” received mixed to positive reviews from critics. The film was praised for its intense and gripping atmosphere, showcasing the claustrophobic nature of the subway setting. The suspenseful action sequences and visual effects were commended for their realism and impact. However, some critics felt that the character development was lacking and the plot was formulaic.


During a seemingly ordinary day in Moscow, a fire breaks out in the city's metro system, causing chaos and trapping a group of people deep underground. Among the survivors are a subway train driver, a doctor, a mother with her child, a businessman, a young couple, and a homeless man. As they navigate the dark and dangerous tunnels, they face various challenges, including lack of oxygen, collapsing structures, and encounters with dangerous individuals.

With each passing hour, tensions rise within the group as they struggle to survive. Personalities clash, secrets are revealed, and alliances form and crumble. Amidst the desperation, acts of heroism and selflessness emerge, showcasing the resilience and capacity for compassion in the face of adversity.


“Metro” received several nominations at the Golden Eagle Awards, a prestigious Russian film award ceremony. It was nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, and Best Production Design.


“Metro” gained popularity in Russia and among fans of action and thriller films. The intense and high-stakes premise, combined with the subway setting, resonated with audiences seeking thrilling and suspenseful cinema experiences. While it may not have achieved significant international recognition, the film has a dedicated following and is considered a notable entry in Russian action cinema.

Directed by
Written by Viktoriya Evseeva
Denis Kuryshev
Produced by Igor Tolstunov
Sergey Kozlov
Anna Kagarlitskaya
Starring ,
Cinematography Sergey Astakhov
Sergey Shultz
Edited by
Music by Yuriy Poteenko
Alex HarDrum
Release date
  • 21 February 2013
Running time
134 minutes
Country Russia
Language Russian
Budget $9 million


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