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“Papillon” is a 2017 biographical drama film directed by , based on the memoirs of Henri Charrière, a French convict who was incarcerated in the infamous Devil's Island penal colony.


The film follows the story of Henri “Papillon” Charrière (), a safecracker who is wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in French Guiana. In prison, Papillon befriends Louis Dega (), a wealthy counterfeiter who offers him protection in exchange for his help in escaping.

Together, Papillon and Dega plan a daring escape from the brutal penal colony, facing numerous challenges and dangers along the way. As they journey through the harsh jungles and treacherous waters of South America, they form a deep bond of friendship and loyalty.


“Papillon” is a well-made and engaging film that captures the brutality and desperation of life in a South American penal colony. The film's direction and cinematography are impressive, with stunning visuals of the lush jungles and turquoise waters of French Guiana.

delivers a strong performance as Papillon, conveying both the toughness and vulnerability of his character. is also excellent as Dega, providing a sense of humor and humanity to the film.

The film's pacing is a bit slow at times, but the tension and suspense build steadily as Papillon and Dega's escape plan takes shape. The film's themes of friendship, survival, and perseverance are well-portrayed and make for a satisfying viewing experience.


“Papillon” did not receive any major awards, but it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2018 Capri Hollywood International Film Festival.

Directed by ,
Screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski
Based on Papillon
by Henri Charrière
by Henri Charrière
by Dalton Trumbo
Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Produced by Joey McFarland David Koplan Ram Bergman Roger Corbi
Starring , , , , ,
Cinematography Hagen Bogdanski
Edited by John AxelradLee Haugen
Music by David Buckley
Czech Anglo Productions Ram Bergman Productions Fish Corb Films Red Granite Pictures
Distributed by Bleecker Street (United States)
Blitz (Serbia and Montenegro)
Release date September 9, 2017 (TIFF) August 24, 2018 (United States)
Running time 133 minutes
Countries MaltaMontenegroSerbiaUnited States
Languages English
Box office $10 million

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