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“Powder” is a thought-provoking science fiction drama with elements of fantasy. The story revolves around Jeremy “Powder” Reed, a young albino with supernatural abilities. Jeremy possesses extraordinary intelligence, telepathic powers, and the ability to manipulate electricity. The film explores Jeremy's journey as he faces prejudice and misunderstanding from those around him while seeking connection and understanding. As the story unfolds, Powder's unique abilities and empathetic nature challenge the perceptions of those who encounter him, leading to profound and transformative experiences.


“Powder” received mixed reviews from critics. The film was praised for its sensitive exploration of themes such as human connection, empathy, and societal prejudice. Some reviewers found the performance by in the titular role to be compelling and emotionally resonant. However, others criticized the film for its heavy-handed approach and for occasionally veering into melodrama.

The direction by was acknowledged for its ambition in tackling complex themes and for creating an atmospheric and visually striking film. The performances by the ensemble cast, including , , and , were generally well-received.


The film follows the life of Jeremy “Powder” Reed, a young albino with incredible supernatural abilities. Powder possesses exceptional intelligence and sensitivity, along with the power to absorb and manipulate electricity. After living in isolation with his grandparents, he is brought to a school where he faces prejudice and alienation from both students and faculty.

As Powder encounters others, his unique abilities and profound insights challenge their beliefs and prejudices. He forms a connection with a compassionate teacher, Jessie Caldwell, who recognizes his extraordinary potential. However, his presence also stirs fear and suspicion in some, leading to conflicts and emotional confrontations.

Throughout the film, Powder's journey is one of self-discovery and the search for acceptance and understanding in a world that struggles to comprehend his abilities and appearance.


“Powder” did not receive significant awards recognition.


“Powder” garnered moderate popularity upon its release, with its unique premise and exploration of social themes capturing the attention of audiences interested in thought-provoking dramas. The film's examination of human connection, acceptance, and the experiences of individuals who are different from societal norms resonated with viewers. While it didn't achieve blockbuster success, it developed a dedicated following among those drawn to its heartfelt storytelling and emotional performances.


Directed by
Written by
Produced by Roger Birnbaum
Daniel Grodnik
Cinematography Jerzy Zieliński
Edited by Dennis M. Hill
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Hollywood Pictures
Caravan Pictures
Roger Birnbaum Productions
Daniel Grodnik Productions
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Release date
  • October 27, 1995
Running time
111 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $9.5 million
Box office $30.9 million


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