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“The Revenant” is a 2015 American epic survival drama film directed by and starring , , and . The film is loosely based on the true story of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who was left for dead by his companions after being mauled by a bear, and his epic journey to seek revenge.


“The Revenant” received widespread critical acclaim upon its release, with particular praise for its stunning cinematography, gripping storytelling, and outstanding performances from its cast. DiCaprio's portrayal of Glass is particularly noteworthy, and he won his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance.

The film is a brutal and visceral portrayal of survival in the wilderness, with the harsh realities of life on the frontier depicted in all their grim detail. The cinematography is particularly impressive, with the film's vast landscapes and extreme weather conditions captured in breathtaking detail.


“The Revenant” was a critical and commercial success, winning numerous awards including three Academy Awards (Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Cinematography), three Golden Globe Awards (including Best Picture), and five BAFTA Awards (including Best Director and Best Film).

Overall, “The Revenant” is a stunning cinematic achievement, with its breathtaking visuals, gripping storyline, and outstanding performances making it a true masterpiece of modern cinema.

Directed by
Produced by Arnon Milchan Steve Golin Mary Parent Keith Redmon James W. Skotchdopole
Screenplay by Mark L. Smith
Based on The Revenant
by Michael Punke
Starring , , , ,
Music by Ryuichi Sakamoto Alva Noto
Cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki
Edited by Stephen Mirrione
Regency Enterprises RatPac Entertainment New Regency Anonymous Content M Productions Appian Way Productions
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date December 16, 2015 (TCL Chinese Theatre) December 25, 2015 (United States)
Running time 156 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $135 million
Box office $533 million

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