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“Salon Kitty” is an Italian erotic-drama film released in 1976, directed by . The movie is loosely based on the true story of a Nazi-run brothel in Berlin during World War II, where young women were trained to become prostitutes and spies.

The main cast includes as Wallenberg, as Madame Kitty, and as Margherita.


In Berlin during World War II, SS officer Wallenberg is tasked with setting up a brothel that serves as a front for a spy network. The brothel, called Salon Kitty, is run by Madame Kitty, who recruits young and attractive women to work as prostitutes and gather information from the clients. The women are subjected to rigorous training and indoctrination into the Nazi ideology. However, as the war progresses and the Nazis face defeat, the brothel becomes a dangerous place for the women as they are caught between the conflicting interests of the SS and the Gestapo.


Nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival

Overall, “Salon Kitty” was controversial upon its release due to its explicit sexual content and its portrayal of Nazi Germany. The film was criticized for its gratuitous use of sex and violence, and for its glamorization of Nazi ideology. However, it has also been praised for its strong performances and its realistic depiction of the horrors of war.

Directed by
Screenplay by Ennio De Concini
Based on Salon Kitty
by Peter Norden
Starring , , ,
Music by Fiorenzo Carpi
Cinematography Silvano Ippoliti
Edited by
Coralta Produzioni Internazionali Cinematografica S.r.l. Cinema Seven Film GmbH & Co. 1 KG Les Fox Productions Europa
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date March 2, 1976 (Italy)
Running time 130 minutes
Country Italy West Germany France
Language Italian, English, German

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