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“The Descent” is a British horror film released in 2005, directed and written by . The movie follows a group of women who embark on a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains, only to become trapped underground and encounter terrifying creatures.

The main cast includes Shauna Macdonald as Sarah, the protagonist, Natalie Mendoza as Juno, the group's leader, and , , , and as the other members of the group.


Sarah is struggling to cope with the tragic death of her husband and daughter. In an effort to help her move on, her friends plan a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains. Once underground, the group encounters a network of caves that are uncharted and dangerous. As they explore, they become trapped and must find a way out. But they soon discover that they are not alone in the darkness. They are being hunted by a group of terrifying creatures that are adapted to life underground.


Saturn Award for Best Horror Film

Empire Award for Best British Film

British Independent Film Award for Best Director

British Independent Film Award for Best Technical Achievement

Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film Audience Award

Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Actress (Shauna Macdonald)

Overall, “The Descent” was well-received by critics and audiences alike, earning praise for its intense atmosphere, strong performances, and effective use of practical effects. It has since become a cult classic in the horror genre.

Directed by
Produced by Christian Colson
Written by
Starring Shauna Macdonald
Natalie Mendoza,
Music by David Julyan
Cinematography Sam McCurdy
Edited by Jon Harris
Celador Films
Northmen Productions
Distributed by Pathé Distribution
Release date 6 July 2005 (Dead by Dawn) 8 July 2005 (United Kingdom) 4 August 2006 (United States)
Running time 100 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £3.5 million
Box office $57.1 million

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