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“The Hallow” (originally titled “The Woods”) is a horror film directed by and written by Hardy and Felipe Marino. The story follows a young couple, Adam and Clare, who move to a remote forest in Ireland with their baby son. As they begin to settle in, they come into conflict with the local residents, who warn them of the dangerous creatures that live in the woods. When their baby is taken by these creatures, Adam and Clare must fight for their survival and their child's safety.


“The Hallow” is a haunting and atmospheric horror film that makes excellent use of its Irish setting. The film's direction by is confident and assured, and the special effects used to create the creatures are impressive. The performances by the cast, including and as Adam and Clare, are excellent and help to sell the film's more fantastical elements. The movie's use of practical effects and its willingness to build tension slowly make it a standout horror film.


“The Hallow” received several nominations at the 2015 British Independent Film Awards, including Best Debut Director for and Best Supporting Actor for .


“The Hallow” was well-received by horror fans upon its release in 2015, and it has since gained a cult following. The movie's atmospheric setting, impressive special effects, and slow-burn approach to horror have made it a favorite among fans of the genre. While it may not be as well-known as other horror films, “The Hallow” is a unique and effective horror movie that is definitely worth watching.

Directed by
Produced by Joe Neurauter Felipe Marino
Written by Felipe Marino
Starring , , , ,
Music by James Gosling
Cinematography Martijn Van Broekhuizen
Edited by Nick Emerson
Fantastic Films Occupant Entertainment
Distributed by Entertainment One
Release date 25 January 2015 (Sundance) 10 July 2015 (United Kingdom)
Running time 97 minutes
Country United Kingdom Ireland United States
Language English

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