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The Hallow (originally titled The Woods) (2015)


“The Hallow” (originally titled “The Woods”) is a 2015 Irish horror film directed by . The film follows a family who move to a remote house in the Irish countryside and soon find themselves battling against creatures from Irish folklore.

Although the film did not receive a large number of awards, it was generally well-received by critics for its use of practical effects and its atmospheric setting. Here are some of the awards and nominations received by “The Hallow”:

  • British Independent Film Awards (2015):

    • Nominated for Best Effects
  • British Academy Scotland Awards (2015):

    • Nominated for Best Feature Film
  • Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (2015):

    • Silver Raven Award for Best Special Effects
  • Sitges – Catalonian International Film Festival (2015):

    • Nominated for Best Film

While it did not win any major awards, “The Hallow” has gained a cult following among horror movie fans for its unique take on Irish folklore and its effective use of practical effects.

Directed by
Produced by Joe Neurauter Felipe Marino
Written by Felipe Marino
Starring , , , ,
Music by James Gosling
Cinematography Martijn Van Broekhuizen
Edited by Nick Emerson
Fantastic Films Occupant Entertainment
Distributed by Entertainment One
Release date 25 January 2015 (Sundance) 10 July 2015 (United Kingdom)
Running time 97 minutes
Country United Kingdom Ireland United States
Language English

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