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The Man in the Iron Mask is a 1977 British film directed by and starring , , and Louis Jourdan. The film is based on the same novel by Alexandre Dumas, père.

In the Man in the Iron Mask, King Louis XIV (played by Louis Jourdan) has a twin brother, Philippe (also played by Jourdan), who has been imprisoned for years and forced to wear an iron mask to hide his identity. The musketeers Athos (played by Ralph Richardson), Porthos (played by Ian Holm), and Aramis (played by ) plot to free Philippe and replace the tyrannical Louis with his more benevolent brother.

The Man in the Iron Mask received mixed reviews upon its release, but is generally considered to be a faithful adaptation of the novel, with strong performances from the cast. It is notable for its lavish production values and detailed period costumes and sets.

Written by William Bast
Alexandre Dumas, père (Novel)
Directed by

Ralph Richardson
Louis Jourdan
Ian Holm
Hugh Fraser
Theme music composer Allyn Ferguson
Country of origin United States
Original language English
Producer Norman Rosemont
Cinematography Freddie Young
Editor Bill Blunden
Running time 100 minutes
Original release 17 January 1977

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