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“The Marksman” follows the story of Jim Hanson, a rancher and former Marine who lives near the US-Mexico border. When he comes across a young boy named Miguel who is on the run from a drug cartel, he decides to take him under his wing and protect him. Together, they embark on a dangerous journey across the border while being pursued by a ruthless hitman who is determined to capture Miguel.


“The Marksman” received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised 's performance, the film's action sequences, and the chemistry between Neeson and , who plays Miguel. However, others criticized the film's predictable plot, lack of depth in its characters, and its reliance on cliches.

Despite its flaws, the film is a well-made and entertaining action thriller that provides plenty of suspense and excitement. It's also an interesting exploration of the bond between a mentor and mentee and the lengths one will go to protect the people they care about.


“The Marksman” did not receive any major award nominations or wins.

Directed by ,
Written by Chris Charles Danny Kravitz
Produced by Tai Duncan Mark Williams Warren Goz Eric Gold
Starring , , , , ,
Cinematography Mark Patten
Edited by Luis Carballar
Music by Sean Callery
Raven Capital Management Sculptor Media Zero Gravity Management Voltage Pictures
Distributed by Open Road Films Briarcliff Entertainment
Release date January 15, 2021 (United States)
Running time 108 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $23–30 million
Box office $23.1 million

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