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“The Swerve” is a psychological drama that follows the life of a suburban mother, Holly, who is struggling to cope with the stresses of her life. She is a high school teacher who feels unappreciated at work, and her home life is chaotic due to her husband's alcoholism and her two teenage sons' rebellious behavior.

As the pressure mounts, Holly begins to spiral into a state of depression and anxiety, and her grip on reality starts to slip. The film explores the themes of mental illness, family dysfunction, and the toll that modern life can take on an individual.


“The Swerve” is a powerful and haunting film that is anchored by a stunning performance by in the lead role of Holly. Skye portrays the character's descent into madness with a raw and vulnerable intensity that is both heartbreaking and unsettling.

Director creates a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere that perfectly captures Holly's sense of isolation and despair. The film's themes of mental illness and family dysfunction are explored in a nuanced and compassionate way, and the ending is both shocking and thought-provoking.

While the film may be too bleak and depressing for some viewers, it is a powerful and important work that sheds light on the realities of mental illness and the struggles that so many people face in their daily lives.


“The Swerve” has received critical acclaim and several nominations at various film festivals, including:

  • Best Actress () at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
  • Best Director at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival
  • Best Actress () at the Fargo Film Festival.
Directed by
Written by
Produced by Tommy Minnix
Starring , , , ,
Cinematography Daryl Pittman
Edited by
Alec Styborski
Art Direction by Jenna Giannini
Music by Mark Korven
Release date (streaming) Sep 22, 2020
Running time 1h 35m
Language English

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