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“The Wolves of Kromer” is a dark fantasy film that explores themes of love, acceptance, and prejudice. The movie tells the story of two male wolves, Gabriel and Seth, who live in the small English village of Kromer. They are shunned by the villagers because of their unconventional relationship and their animal nature.

As the village prepares for its annual harvest festival, a mysterious stranger arrives in Kromer and begins to stir up trouble. When a young couple is found dead in the woods, the villagers blame Gabriel and Seth and a witch hunt begins.


“The Wolves of Kromer” is a visually stunning film that tackles difficult themes with nuance and sensitivity. The film's unique blend of fantasy and reality creates a haunting and otherworldly atmosphere that draws the viewer into the story.

The film's two lead actors, and , give strong performances as Gabriel and Seth, bringing depth and complexity to their characters. The supporting cast, including as the mysterious stranger, also deliver strong performances that help bring the film's world to life.

Director does an excellent job of exploring themes of prejudice and acceptance in a way that is both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant. The film's use of visual metaphors and symbolism adds layers of meaning to the story and creates a rich and immersive world for the viewer to explore.

Overall, “The Wolves of Kromer” is a powerful and moving film that explores important themes with skill and sensitivity.


“The Wolves of Kromer” did not receive any major awards, but it did win several awards at smaller film festivals, including:

  • Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Turin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • Best Film Award at the Fantafestival in Rome
  • Best Film Award at the Oporto International Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography Award at the Avignon Film Festival
Directed by
Written by Charles Lambert
Matthew Read
Produced by Clare Erasmus line producer
Charles Lambert producer
Starring ,
Edited by Carol Salter
Distributed by First Run Features
Release date 30 October 1998
Running time 82 minutes
Language English
Budget $14 million
Box office $524,864

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