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“For a Lost Soldier” is a 1992 Dutch film directed by . The film tells the story of Jeroen (), a young boy who is sent to stay with a Canadian soldier during World War II in the Netherlands. Jeroen becomes infatuated with the soldier, Walt (), and their relationship blossoms into a love affair.


“For a Lost Soldier” is a powerful and emotional film that explores the themes of love, loss, and coming of age. The film's depiction of a same-sex relationship between a young boy and a soldier is both controversial and poignant, and it is handled with sensitivity and grace.

The performances of and are exceptional, and they bring a depth and authenticity to their roles that makes the audience care deeply about their characters. The film's cinematography and score are also noteworthy, creating a haunting and melancholic atmosphere that perfectly complements the film's themes.

The film's depiction of the war and its impact on the Dutch people is also a strong point, highlighting the sacrifices and hardships endured by ordinary citizens during this tumultuous period in history.


“For a Lost Soldier” won several awards, including the Golden Calf Award for Best Feature Film and the FIPRESCI Prize at the 1993 Berlin International Film Festival.

Overall, “For a Lost Soldier” is a moving and beautifully crafted film that explores complex themes with sensitivity and grace. Its exceptional performances, haunting atmosphere, and emotional depth make it a must-watch for fans of LGBTQ+ cinema and coming of age films.

Directed by
Produced by Guurtje Buddenberg
Matthijs van Heijningen
Screenplay by Don Bloch
Based on Rudi van Dantzig
Starring ,
Music by Joop Stokkermans
Cinematography Nils Post
Edited by August Verschueren
Sigma Film Productions
Distributed by Concorde Pictures
Release date 22 May 1992 (Netherlands)
Running time 92 minutes
Country Netherlands
Languages Dutch
West Frisian

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