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“V” is a science fiction television miniseries that originally aired in 1983 on NBC. The series was created by , and is a loose adaptation of the 1984 novel “V: The Second Generation” by A.C. Crispin.

The series is set in Los Angeles, and depicts the arrival of a technologically advanced alien race, known as the Visitors, who claim to come in peace but have a hidden agenda to exploit Earth's resources and enslave humanity. The Visitors, led by their charismatic leader Diana, quickly gain the trust of many humans, including news anchor Mike Donovan and scientist Julie Parrish, but a small resistance movement begins to form against them.

“V” was a commercial success and became a pop culture phenomenon in the 1980s. It spawned a sequel miniseries, a weekly television series, and several novels and comic books. The franchise has been credited with influencing science fiction and pop culture, and has been referenced in various media over the years.

Written by
Directed by
Starring Michael Durrell Robert Englund Faye Grant Richard Herd Richard Lawson Peter Nelson David Packer Neva Patterson Andrew Prine Marc Singer Jenny Sullivan Blair Tefkin Penelope Windust Michael Wright
Theme music composer Joe Harnell
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of episodes 2
Executive producers Brandon Tartikoff
Producers Chuck Bowman Patrick Boyriven (associate producer)
Cinematography John McPherson
Editors Paul Dixon Alan C. Marks Robert K. Richard Jack W. Schoengarth
Running time 189 min
Production companies ProductionsWarner Bros. Television
Distributor Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution
Original network NBC
Picture format Color
Audio format Mono
Original release May 1 –
May 2, 1983
Followed by V: The Final Battle
V: The Second Generation (novel)

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