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“Võta või jäta” (Take It or Leave It) is an Estonian drama film released in 2018, directed by Liina Trishkina-Vanhatalo. The film tells the story of a young man named Erik () who unexpectedly becomes a single father when his ex-girlfriend Moonika () leaves their newborn baby at his doorstep and disappears. Erik, who is struggling to make ends meet as a construction worker, must now find a way to take care of the baby on his own.

As Erik tries to adjust to his new role as a father, he faces many challenges, including financial difficulties, sleepless nights, and disapproving comments from his co-workers. He also has to navigate his relationship with Moonika, who suddenly reappears in his life and wants to be part of the baby's upbringing.

“Võta või jäta” is a touching portrayal of the joys and struggles of parenthood, as well as an exploration of modern gender roles and the challenges faced by working-class families. It has been praised for its realism and emotional depth, as well as its strong performances by the cast.

“Võta või jäta” was a critical and commercial success in Estonia, and it won several awards, including the Best Film and Best Screenplay awards at the Estonian Film Awards. It also received international recognition, being selected as the Estonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 91st Academy Awards.

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Starring , ,
Release date 14 September 2018
Country Estonia
Language Estonian

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