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“XXY” is a drama film directed by , based on her own novel. The story follows Alex, a 15-year-old intersex person who lives with their parents in a remote seaside town in Uruguay. As Alex begins to explore their sexuality, their parents invite a surgeon to the house to discuss the possibility of a surgical intervention. The arrival of the surgeon and his family disrupts Alex's world and forces them to confront their own identity and desires.


“XXY” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores the complex and sensitive issue of intersexuality. The film's direction by is intimate and understated, allowing the performances by the cast, particularly as Alex and as the surgeon, to shine. The movie's exploration of gender and identity is nuanced and sensitive, and the story builds to a poignant and emotionally resonant conclusion. “XXY” is a beautifully crafted and essential film that offers a compassionate and insightful look at a rarely portrayed issue.


“XXY” won several awards at international film festivals, including the Critics' Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Best Film at the Warsaw International Film Festival, and Best Actress for at the Argentinean Academy Awards.


“XXY” was well-received by critics upon its release in 2007, and it has since gained a loyal following. The film's sensitive and nuanced approach to a difficult subject has resonated with viewers, and it has become a respected and acclaimed work of international cinema. “XXY” remains a relevant and important film that addresses issues of gender, sexuality, and identity with intelligence, compassion, and sensitivity.

Directed by
Produced by Luis Puenzo
José María Morales
Carla Pelligra
Fernando Sirianni
Fabienne Vonier
Written by
Starring ,
Music by Andrés Goldstein
Daniel Tarrab
Cinematography Natasha Braier
Edited by Alex Zito
Ministry of Culture (Spain)
Distributed by Distribution Company (Argentina)
Pyramide Distribution (France)
Release date 20 May 2007 (Cannes) 14 June 2007 (Argentina) 7 September 2007 (Toronto) 26 December 2007 (France) 11 January 2008 (Spain)
Running time 91 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Box office $2,728,869

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