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“1917” is a war film directed by . The movie follows two young British soldiers, Schofield and Blake, who are given a mission to deliver a message across enemy lines during World War I. The message warns of a German trap that could lead to the death of 1,600 British soldiers, including Blake's brother. Schofield and Blake must navigate through the treacherous and deadly battlefield to complete their mission and save the lives of their fellow soldiers.


“1917” is a masterpiece of filmmaking, featuring stunning cinematography, gripping performances, and a powerful story. The film's innovative use of long takes creates a sense of real-time urgency and immerses the audience in the chaos and horror of war. The performances by and are nuanced and emotional, and the supporting cast features notable appearances by , , and . The direction by is masterful, as he expertly balances action and emotion to deliver a powerful and unforgettable film.


“1917” won three Academy Awards in 2020, including Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects. The film also won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director, and Best Original Score.


“1917” was a critical and commercial success, and remains a popular film among audiences. The film currently holds a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 8.3 rating on IMDb.


“1917” was a major success, grossing over $389 million worldwide on a budget of $90 million. The film was praised for its technical achievements, including its innovative use of long takes and stunning cinematography. The film was also noted for its powerful story and emotional performances, and it became a favorite among audiences and critics alike.

Directed by
Written by
Produced by
  • Pippa Harris
  • Jayne-Ann Tenggren
  • Callum McDougall
  • Brian Oliver
Cinematography Roger Deakins
Edited by Lee Smith
Music by Thomas Newman
  • DreamWorks Pictures
  • Reliance Entertainment
  • New Republic Pictures
  • Mogambo
  • Neal Street Productions
  • Amblin Partners
Distributed by
  • Universal Pictures (Worldwide)
  • Entertainment One (United Kingdom and Ireland)
Release dates
  • 4 December 2019 (London)
  • 25 December 2019 (United States)
  • 10 January 2020 (United Kingdom)
Running time
119 minutes
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
Language English
Budget $90–100 million
Box office $384.9 million


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