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Caligula is a 1979 Italian-American controversial erotic historical drama film directed by and produced by , the founder of Penthouse magazine. The film is a fictionalized account of the life and reign of the Roman Emperor Caligula, who ruled from 37 to 41 AD.

Caligula stars as Caligula and features an ensemble cast that includes Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole, and John Gielgud. The film's graphic depictions of violence, sex, and debauchery, including scenes of incest and rape, have made it notorious and controversial.

Caligula's production was troubled, with many conflicts between the director and the producers over the film's explicit content and artistic direction. The film was heavily edited before its release, with some scenes removed and others toned down. Despite this, the film was still considered shocking and received negative reviews from critics, although some praised McDowell's performance.

Overall, Caligula is remembered as a controversial and polarizing film that pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in mainstream cinema at the time.

Directed by (credited as Principal Photographer)
Produced by Franco Rossellini
Screenplay by (all uncredited)
Based on an original screenplay
by Gore Vidal
Starring Teresa Ann Savoy Helen Mirren Peter O'Toole John Gielgud
Music by Paul Clemente
Musical Excerpts: Aram Khachaturian Sergei Prokofiev
Cinematography Silvano Ippoliti
Edited by Nino Baragli The Production Russell Lloyd (uncredited)
Penthouse Films International Felix Cinematografica
Distributed by Produzioni Atlas Consorziate (P.A.C.) (Italy) Analysis Film Releasing Corporation (United States)
Release date August 14, 1979 (Italy) February 1, 1980 (United States)
Running time 156 minutes
Country Italy United States
Language English Italian
Budget $17.5 million
Box office $23.4 million

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