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“El mar” (The Sea) is a Spanish drama film directed by Agustí Villaronga and released in 2000. The film is based on the novel “El mar” by Blai Bonet.

The plot of the movie is set in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and follows the lives of three boys who are sent to a rural orphanage in Mallorca. The boys come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but they form a strong bond as they grow up together.

The movie explores themes of friendship, loss, trauma, and the impact of war on ordinary people's lives. It portrays the effects of political conflict on children and how it shapes their worldview and relationships.

The film was critically acclaimed and won several awards, including the Goya Award for Best Picture in 2001. It is widely regarded as one of the best Spanish movies of the 21st century and is considered a masterpiece of Spanish cinema.


Directed by
Written by Antonio Aloy
Biel Mesquida
Agustí Villaronga
Produced by Isona Passola
Starring ,
Cinematography Jaume Peracaula
Edited by Raúl Román
Music by Javier Navarrete
Release date 14 April 2000
Running time 113 Minutes
Country Spain
Language Catalan

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