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“Le Pacte des loups” (released internationally as “Brotherhood of the Wolf”) is a 2001 French historical action horror film directed by and starring , , , and .


“Le Pacte des Loups” (Brotherhood of the Wolf) is a French historical horror film directed by and starring , , , Emilie Dequenne, and . The film was released in 2001 and is based on a legend from 18th century France.

The story is set in the 18th century and follows the investigation of a series of mysterious killings that are attributed to a supernatural creature, known as the Beast of Gevaudan, which is said to be a giant wolf-like creature. Gregoire de Fronsac (), a naturalist and soldier, is sent to investigate the killings along with his Native American friend Mani (). They soon find themselves embroiled in a web of political intrigue, deceit, and supernatural forces, as they try to uncover the truth behind the Beast of Gevaudan.

The film has been praised for its stunning visuals, intricate plot, and dynamic action sequences. It combines elements of horror, action, and historical drama, and has been noted for its portrayal of social and political issues of the time period, such as class struggle and religious conflict. The performances of the cast, especially and , have also been highly praised.

Overall, “Le Pacte des Loups” is a thrilling and visually stunning film that offers a unique take on the horror genre, combining historical elements with supernatural and action elements.


“Le Pacte des loups” was a commercial and critical success, and won several awards, including:

  • Best Director – Fantasporto (2002) for
  • Best Actor () – Fantasporto (2002)
  • Best Sound – César Awards (2002)
  • Best Costume Design – César Awards (2002)
  • Best Production Design – César Awards (2002)

The film was also nominated for several other awards, including Best Film at the César Awards, and Best Director at the European Film Awards. It was praised for its stylish visuals, impressive action sequences, and its blend of genres, which included elements of horror, martial arts, and historical drama.

Directed by
Produced by Richard Grandpierre Samuel Hadida
Written by Stéphane Cabel
Starring , , , , , ,
Narrated by Jacques Perrin
Music by Joseph LoDuca
Cinematography Dan Laustsen
Edited by David Wu Sébastien Prangère Xavier Loutreuil
Canal+ Davis-Films Eskwad
Distributed by Metropolitan Filmexport (France)
Universal Pictures (United States)
Release date 31 January 2001
Running time 142 minutes
Country France
Languages French German Italian
Budget $29 million
Box office $70.7 million

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