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“Scarred Hearts” is a Romanian drama film directed by , based on the 1939 novel of the same name by Max Blecher. The film is set in the 1930s and follows the story of Emanuel (Lucian Teodor Rus), a young man who is diagnosed with tuberculosis of the spine. He is sent to a sanatorium on the Black Sea coast for treatment. There, he meets a variety of other patients, each with their own unique illnesses and struggles.

Despite his illness, Emanuel's time in the sanatorium is marked by intellectual and romantic pursuits. He forms a connection with a young woman named Solange (Ivana Mladenović) and engages in philosophical discussions with fellow patients. The film delves into the challenges and existential dilemmas faced by the patients as they confront illness, suffering, and the limitations of their bodies.


“Scarred Hearts” received critical acclaim for its artistic and philosophical exploration of the human condition in the face of illness. 's direction and Lucian Teodor Rus's performance as Emanuel were particularly praised. The film's unconventional narrative and poetic approach appealed to those who appreciated thought-provoking cinema. It's worth noting that “Scarred Hearts” is not a conventional mainstream film, and its appeal is often to a more niche, art-house audience.


Emanuel, a young man living in Romania during the 1930s, is diagnosed with tuberculosis of the spine, a debilitating and potentially fatal illness. He is sent to a sanatorium on the Black Sea coast for treatment. There, he becomes a patient among a group of individuals with various illnesses, each navigating their own physical and emotional challenges.

While confined to the sanatorium, Emanuel's life takes on new dimensions. He engages in intellectual conversations with fellow patients, exploring existential questions and philosophical ideas. He also forms a romantic connection with Solange, a young woman undergoing treatment for her own condition.

The film portrays the patients' experiences as they grapple with the limitations of their bodies, the isolation of their conditions, and the profound questions about life and mortality that emerge in the face of illness. Despite their physical struggles, the patients find ways to connect, learn, and seek meaning within the confines of the sanatorium.


“Scarred Hearts” received recognition at various film festivals and earned accolades for its artistic and philosophical content. While it may not have achieved widespread mainstream success, it garnered attention for its unique approach and storytelling.


“Scarred Hearts” is not a mainstream or widely popular film. Its appeal lies in its artistic and philosophical exploration of the human condition, which may resonate more with audiences who appreciate thought-provoking, art-house cinema. While it may not have enjoyed widespread commercial success, it has found a place in the realm of niche and independent filmmaking.


Romanian Inimi cicatrizate
Directed by
Written by
Produced by Ada Solomon
Cinematography Marius Panduru
Edited by Catalin Cristutiu
Release date
  • 7 August 2016 (LIFF)
Running time
141 minutes
  • Romania
  • Germany
Language Romanian


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