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“The Chaser” is a South Korean crime action thriller film based on real-life events. The story follows Joong-ho, a former detective turned pimp, who becomes desperate when his girls keep disappearing. Suspecting that a serial killer is targeting his escorts, Joong-ho races against time to find the culprit before it's too late. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for the latest girl to go missing, and Joong-ho's investigation takes him into the dark and dangerous underbelly of the city.


“The Chaser” received widespread critical acclaim for its intense and gripping narrative. The film was praised for its tightly woven plot, expert pacing, and masterful direction by . The performances, particularly by as Joong-ho, were highly regarded for their emotional depth and realism. “The Chaser” is often regarded as one of the best Korean thrillers, admired for its unflinching depiction of violence and its exploration of moral dilemmas.


Joong-ho, a former detective, now runs a small prostitution ring. When several of his escorts go missing, Joong-ho becomes suspicious that they may have fallen victim to a serial killer. Determined to find the perpetrator and save the latest girl to disappear, he embarks on a frantic search through the streets of Seoul.

As Joong-ho investigates, he discovers a connection between the missing girls and a mysterious client. The tension rises as he inches closer to the truth, leading him into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a cunning and elusive killer. With time running out, Joong-ho must outsmart his opponent and rescue the girl before she becomes the next victim.


“The Chaser” received critical acclaim and garnered numerous awards and nominations. At the 45th Grand Bell Awards, it won Best Director for , Best Actor for , and Best Supporting Actor for . The film also received accolades at international film festivals, including the Asian Film Awards and the Sitges Film Festival.


“The Chaser” gained popularity both domestically in South Korea and internationally, particularly among fans of the crime thriller genre. The film's tense and suspenseful narrative, combined with its gritty portrayal of the criminal underworld, captivated audiences. “The Chaser” is highly regarded for its expert storytelling and has become a classic in Korean cinema. Its success and critical acclaim have contributed to its enduring popularity among film enthusiasts.


Revised Romanization Chugyeokja
McCune–Reischauer Ch‘ugyŏkja
Directed by
Written by
Produced by
  • Kim Su-jin
  • Yun In-beom
Cinematography Lee Sung-jae
Edited by Kim Sun-min
Music by
  • Kim Jun-seok
  • Choi Yong-rak
Big House
Distributed by Showbox
Release date
  • 14 February 2008
Running time
124 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

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