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“A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” is a British crime thriller directed by . The film revolves around Sarah (played by ), a young widow living in a housing estate in Belfast with her two children. Struggling to make ends meet, Sarah's life takes a dark turn when she becomes entangled with a dangerous criminal element. As she seeks justice for the harm done to her family, she discovers her own strength and resilience in the face of adversity.


The film received generally positive reviews for its gripping storyline and 's compelling performance. It is often praised for its gritty depiction of urban life, the exploration of a mother's determination to protect her family, and its effective blend of crime and thriller elements. Bolger's portrayal of Sarah has been particularly lauded for its depth and authenticity.


Sarah's life takes a tragic turn when her husband is killed, leaving her a widow with two young children to care for. Struggling financially, she finds herself caught in a bleak reality where she must confront the challenges of a tough neighborhood. Her attempts to provide for her family take a dark turn when she crosses paths with a local criminal.

When a stash of drugs is accidentally discovered in her home, Sarah becomes a target of violent criminals. Faced with threats to her family, she decides to take matters into her own hands. In her pursuit of justice, Sarah discovers an inner strength and resilience that she never knew she possessed. The film explores themes of survival, justice, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her children.


While “A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” may not have received widespread awards recognition, it has gained praise for its storytelling and performances, particularly that of .


The film has gained attention for its intense and gripping narrative. While not a blockbuster, it has found an audience that appreciates its gritty portrayal of urban life and the compelling story of a woman facing adversity. Its popularity may not be mainstream, but it has garnered a following among those who enjoy crime thrillers with strong, character-driven narratives.

Directed by
Written by Ronan Blaney
Produced by
  • Junyoung Jang
  • Guillaume Benski
Cinematography Richard Bell
Edited by
Music by Matthew Pusti
  • February Films
  • Superbe Films
  • Frakas Productions
Distributed by Signature Entertainment
Release dates
  • 21 July 2019 (Fantasia Festival)
  • 25 October 2019 (United Kingdom)
Running time
97 minutes
  • United Kingdom
  • Belgium
Language English


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