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“Arachnophobia” is a horror-comedy film that follows Dr. Ross Jennings, a newly-arrived doctor in a small town in California. When a spider from Venezuela is accidentally released from a coffin in the local mortuary, it begins to breed and create a colony of deadly spiders in the town. Dr. Jennings, who suffers from arachnophobia, must overcome his fear and work with the town's exterminator to save the town from the deadly spiders.


“Arachnophobia” is a fun and entertaining horror-comedy film that effectively blends humor and scares. Director creates a playful and tongue-in-cheek atmosphere that keeps the film from becoming too intense or frightening, while still delivering on the suspenseful moments.

The film benefits from strong performances by as Dr. Jennings and as the eccentric exterminator, and the chemistry between the two actors is a highlight of the film. The practical effects and animatronics used to create the spiders are impressive and still hold up well today.

While “Arachnophobia” may not be the scariest or most original horror film, it is an enjoyable and well-crafted entry in the genre that has become a cult classic over the years.


“Arachnophobia” was not nominated for any major awards, but it was a box office success, grossing over $53 million worldwide on a budget of $22 million.

Directed by ,
Screenplay by Don Jakoby
Wesley Strick
Story by Don Jakoby
Al Williams
Produced by Kathleen KennedyRichard Vane
Starring , , , ,
Cinematography Mikael Salomon
Edited by Michael Kahn
Music by Trevor Jones
Hollywood Pictures Amblin Entertainment Tangled Web Productions
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
Release date July 18, 1990
Running time 110 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $22 million
Box office $53.2 million

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