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Those Who Wish Me Dead is a 2021 American neo-Western action thriller film directed by and based on the novel of the same name by Michael Koryta. The film stars , , , , , Tyler Perry, and . It was produced by Bron Studios and Film Rites and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film has a running time of 100 minutes.


The movie follows Hannah Faber (), a smokejumper who suffers from PTSD after failing to save three children from a wildfire. She finds herself in the middle of a dangerous situation when she meets Connor Casserly (), a young boy who witnesses the murder of his father and is being hunted by two assassins, Jack () and Patrick (). As they try to escape the killers in the Montana wilderness, they must also survive a raging forest fire.


Those Who Wish Me Dead received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the performances of Jolie and Little, as well as the action sequences and suspenseful plot. Others criticized the underdeveloped characters and predictable story. Despite the mixed reception, many viewers enjoyed the film's thrilling and intense moments, as well as its stunning cinematography.


The film has not received any major awards or nominations as of yet.

Directed by ,
Screenplay by Michael Koryta Charles Leavitt
Based on Those Who Wish Me Dead
by Michael Koryta
Produced by Steven Zaillian Garrett Basch Aaron L. Gilbert Kevin Turen
Starring , , , , , ,
Cinematography Ben Richardson
Edited by Chad Galster
Music by Brian Tyler
New Line Cinema Bron Studios Film Rites Bosque Ranch Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release dates May 5, 2021 (Seoul) May 14, 2021 (United States)
Running time 100 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $20 million
Box office $23.5 million

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